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God Head-to-Head

November 9 2021@ 5:00 pm6:00 pm
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Does God Exist?

This head-to-head debate will reflect on an age-old question which has been considered by
philosophers and theologians for millennia: does God exist? Our two speakers will discuss the
philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God, from moral and logical arguments
to those posed by observed phenomena of the universe.


Professor Richard Swinburne

Professor Swinburne is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of the Christian Religion at the University of Oxford. He is an influential proponent of philosophical arguments for the existence of God, and authored The Coherence of Theism, The Existence of God, and Faith and Reason.


Professor Peter Millican

Professor Millican is the Gilbert Ryle Fellow and Professor of Philosophy at Hertford College. He questions the existence of God, and is known for his works on David Hume, the philosophy of religion, and moral philosophy.

Date: November 9 2021
Time: 5:00 pm6:00 pm
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