Debating workshops

If you’d like to get involved but fear that your public speaking and debating skills need help, we can give you the training and development opportunities you need….

Whether you’re looking to start debating competitively, develop your confidence, or just looking for a new hobby, we have something for you.


After the first two weeks of term, we offer trials for everyone who like to join a training group. Everyone who trials will be placed in a training group, according to ability.

  • All levels (novice, intermediate and advanced) are catered for, in groups of 20
  • Training is given weekly by the top debaters of Oxford
  • The format, style and content of British Parliamentary debating will be taught.

Sunday Workshops

Every Sunday evening at 7.30, we hold debating workshops. Feel free to dip in and out in different weeks, when you like. It includes:

  • A 15 minute workshop on topics ranging from International Relations to Artificial Intelligence
  • Followed by a fantastic debate, which you may like to participate in or watch.
  • Finally there is a feedback session from top debaters.


Watch and learn from some of the best debaters in the world. Last year we hosted 700 international debaters at the Union, in four different competitions.

Get involved in judging these prestigious competitions, or even helping run them. Plus, you can help encourage school students to get involved in debating.


You have the chance to represent Oxford in international competitions. Travel abroad to compete at weekends to Paris, Texas, Copenhagen…..and many more.

  • Travel-expenses-paid trips ensure your participation.
  • Involvement in competitive debating brings many opportunities for personal development that you can transfer to other areas of your life.
  • Meet our members to discuss what you can get out of debating. Even if English is not your first language, you will find a warm welcome at the Union.

If you have any questions, please contact us at