Temporary Membership

Long term / course-length membership

For those taking courses lasting three years or more from date of joining: £278 *
For those taking courses lasting two years, or with two years remaining from date of joining: £208
For those taking courses lasting one year or less, or with one year or less remaining from date of joining: £139

If you attend:

Oxford Brookes University

​​​​​​​Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Oxford Centre for Postgrad Hebrew Studies

Ripon College (Cuddeston)

Ruskin Collegee

Sarah Lawrence Program

St Stephen’s House

Westminster College

then you are eligible for Long-Term Membership, which must be for the duration of your course.

*Oxford Brookes students eligible for and purchasing a three-year membership may, before the expiry of that membership, apply for Permanent Membership status at no extra charge.  Please contact the General Office.

University Staff

Please email proof of employment status i.e. current staff card to enquiries@oxford-union.org

Short-term membership

1 term:   £139
2 terms: £208
3 terms: £278

Members of the following institutions can apply for short-term membership:

Abacus College Ephraim Williams Oxford Program for Undergraduate Studies (OPUS0
Assoc Members of St Catherine, Mansfield & LNH previously WISC European School of Management (EAP) Oxford Tutorial College
Boston University Graduate Assoc at St Catherine’s Georgia University Progam in Oxford Reuters Foundation Program at Green College
Boston University Program in Oxford Greene’s Tutorial College St Bede’s Hall
Buckland University Oxford Academy St Clare’s, Oxford
Butler Program (St Catz) Oxford Assoc Student Program (OASP) Stanford University
Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies (CMRS) Oxford Business College Washington International Studies Centre (WISC)
Cherwell College Oxford Centre for Yiddish Studies George Washington University
Collingham College Oxford International Study Centre
d’Overbroek’s Oxford Media & Business School

Residential Membership

  • First year of Membership : £278
  • Annual Renewal : £139

Those wishing to apply to join the Union, and who do not qualify for life or temporary membership, but who live within 20 miles of central Oxford may apply for Residential membership.

Please note: If you are applying for new residential membership, please email enquiries@oxford-union.org before completing the application online.